is a great identity brand name for those who are in the following industries:

1. Digital photobook business,

2. Digital imaging business,

3. Photo printing business,

4. Online publishing business

5. Scrapbook manufactures

6. Online scrapbook retailers

7. Other photo related categories.

We are placing on the market because it will have greater value to the right national, international or global company who is involved in digital imaging. Our research as shown that will be of tremendous value to any company that has a sizeable foot print in the digital imaging business. There are very few original product dot com names that are ever become available on the internet. When it occurs it is rare. We have a domain name that we grew into a multi-million-dollar online publishing business. We believe it is time for us to move on from that business and place the domain name of up for sale.

Currently the value of this Domain name is $551,000+ based on evaluation studies done by those firms who value domain names. (click link below) The valuation of domain names is based on many factors including industry size and revenues, product category ranking, as well as the reach and frequency of internet searches engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for that product category.


We have selected 100 company who we believe are most likely in the best position to exploit the use of this domain name asset and have directed them to this website. We will informed all 100 companies at the same time. We will sell the name to the highest bidder. Our closing date for your closed bid is September 15th. We will award the domain name on September 16th to the highest bidder.

The right domain name can cut marketing costs by millions per year, to own a category name world-wide is a powerful tool that leads to mind share which leads to market share. Before we have even started on this process we already have firms who have made bids on this domain name in the low six figures. So we invite you to consider how this domain name might be of significant value to your business and marketing efforts as you sell your products and services nationally or world-wide.

We will respond to you to let you know that we received your email and bid as we log it into our systems.